A hundred years
of excellence and
artisan mastery.

Fine quality furniture since 1922.

In 1922, a small artisan carpenter’s shop opened its doors in Comerio,
a small town in the hills of the neighbouring Lake Varese, thus the start of a great entrepreneurial history. A family-owned business, growing the company by handing it down to their grandchildren alongside a passion for an ancient craft and a pursuit of excellence.

Nowadays, Ceresio Arredmenti is an established industry leader in interior furnishings. It is a modern company able to stay ahead of market developments while maintaining high standards with respect to the artisan traditions it originated from. Lorenzo and Valerio Bossi, the founders’ descendants, are leading Ceresio with a participatory philosophy, involving all company resources to reach the ultimate goal of having solely results that are high quality and shared by everyone involved.

Four generations
for a great history

A passionate blend
of tradition and innovation.

Ceresio Arredamenti plant, located in Cassinetta Biandronno on the lakeshore of Lake Varese, is equipped with modern industrial machineries for the manufacturing and finishing of wood in a covered area of 9000 sq.m. A cutting edge space where craftsmanship and high technology ensure tailoring and made in Italy excellence in every detail

One of a
kind furnishing.

It’s in the laboratory that the projects come to life through the manufacturing of sophisticated numerical control machines that anticipate the fascinating phase: expert craftsmen transform ideas into perfect tailor made works, sewn on the desires and the different customization requirements. With this aim Ceresio supports the most successful architects and designers in the creation of innovative and high-quality bespoke spaces.

High quality never gives up on efficiency.

All production phases are managed by project manager who supports the operations coordinator during a work fitting. In accomplishing complex works, Ceresio is able to meet the needs. In fact, thanks to a proven network of partner companies, all works are under the supervision of a manager who oversees the project up to transporting the goods to their final destination, where merchandise is received by specialized technicians and shall ensure the best mounting result.









A carpenter’s shop for traditional furnishings opens in Comerio
A collaborative partnership is signed with Slam, an important industry in the metal sector.
Globalisation starts taking place: the first markets are Russia and the Persian Gulf.
The Russian and Emirian government offices are furnished.
Launch of furnishings for shops.
CNC machines are introduced in the production process.
Cesare Ferrari Group is established, a large network of companies for top of the range contracts.
Ceresio starts exporting to Mexico, the United States, Canada and all throughout Europe.

A “made in italy” history


Nowadays, three generations passionately carry on the journey the family embarked on over 90 years ago, employing the most advanced technologies and seeking out new material by paying particular attention to environmental issues.

Fine quality furniture since 1922.